A lubricant is a material which is used to reduce the surface friction between two items or things. A personal lubricant is one that can be said to be used for sexually related activities to reduce the friction between the penis and the vagina or the anus or any other part of the body. These personal lubricants can be used either in the act of masturbation or to lubricate sex toys for masturbation.

There are other lubricants which are used surgically but are not referred to as “personal lubricants”, and they are used in the surgical wards during surgeries. Personal lubricants are also colloquially referred to as lube for short. Personal Lubricants are very useful in the act of self-pleasing and another form of masturbation acts because it is what reduces the friction force of the surfaces of the sexual organ for the person in the act to be able to please him or herself most.

sustains personal lube

Personal lubricants are used by many people, and most of the commonly used ones are the water based and water- soluble ones which are mostly made from glycerin and cellulose ether. These water based lubricants mostly absorb into the skin when applied. But easily dries off and evaporate. But it also can be easily reactivated by the application of saliva or water.

Studies were undertaken to see if the use of water based lubricants can reduce the possibility of a person contracting HIV but it turned out that it actually can even increase the risk of a person contracting the deadly disease because of some chemicals and elements in it. However, it is not only water based lubricants which studies proved this but any lubricant or gel which contains spermicide has the probability of increasing the chance of a person contracting the deadly disease when used.

Another type of a personal lube is an oil based lube. This type of lubricant is different from that of the water based lubricant. This is because this type of lubricant doesn’t evaporate when it is applied either does it absorbs into the skin when it is applied. This type of lubricant can result in the breakage of condoms when used during sexual intercourse. This type of lube is preferably for a couple who does not necessarily need condoms during sexual intercourse but they just aim to avoid additives and other preservatives which are found in other lubricants.


Silicone base lubricant is another incredible type of lubricants which are used for many purposes but are not recommend for everything. This type of lubricant actually has no water in it and just like the oil based lubricant does not evaporate from the skin like the water base lubricants does. It can stay for a very long time when applied, and can also be easily reactivated when to cleanse with saliva or oil. Many are readily available on the market and are patronized according to its performance and quality. It should be well noted that not all silicone based lubricants are all safe for use. But however, it has been proven not to increase the rate of attracting HIV like the water based lubricant does. Actually, it has the probability of reducing the chances of getting that disease.

The usage of these various lubricants can be very tricky most at times. Some of these lubricants can be used to lubricate the vagina during sexual intercourse. This is done to a dry vagina or a lady who feels pains when having sex or a male whose dick is much bigger than the average and normal size, would really find it beneficial to use any of the types of lubricants that I have talked about above. There are however some risks to the use of any type of lubricants. Some lubricants can cause irritation on the skin and many other sides effect; hence the use of lubricants should be done with keen caution in order not to cause any irreversible action unto your body.


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