King Kooker Turkey Fryer

King Kooker turkey fryerKing Kooker Turkey Fryer – Delicious Turkey Year Round

If you love to entertain outside, a King Kooker turkey fryer can add something extra to your usual menu of barbecued chicken, ribs and steaks.  If you have large parties of hungry people, you can feed many of them with a deep fried turkey.

Deep fried turkey tastes completely different from boring baked turkey – which you would never dream of adding to a barbecue party menu.  It’s a great idea though and if you have health conscious guests, a piece of succulent, moist deep fried turkey along with a healthy salad will definitely get the thumbs up!

King Kooker turkey fryer – what about taste?

Deep fried turkey is definitely different – you may want to try one for Christmas or Thanksgiving.  With a King Kooker turkey fryer, you will fill the high quality aluminum pot about half to two-thirds full with oil and heat it to the optimum temperature – a handy instruction book comes with the unit, which it is essential you read!  Undercooking a deep fried turkey is not good, neither is putting a wet turkey into oil that’s too hot, so be careful and don’t let pets and children run around anywhere near the fryer.

And unlike electric turkey deep fryers, you’ll need to use this one outside.

The turkey is fried standing on end, you thread it onto a plate with a loop that runs through the center of the bird, and it is lifted out via a large hook that is provided.  It’s easy to watch if you are out there barbecuing and depending on the size of the bird it can be cooked in less than an hour.

King Kooker turkey fryer – how much can you cook?

The King Kooker turkey fryer will accommodate a bird up to 18lbs – that’s a lot of portions!  The 26-quart pot allows plenty of room for heat circulation around the largest bird so it cooks evenly.  You can also cook a duck, goose or chicken in the King Kooker and they will all come out crispy on the outside with moist and tender meat on the inside.

The 38,000 BTU burner provides more heat for cooking than a normal household stove top and a long thermometer comes with the King Kooker so you know exactly when the oil is at the optimum temperature for your bird. The great thing about the King Kooker deep fryer is it comes with a battery operated timer so you will know exactly when it’s time to remove your delicious deep fried turkey.  It’s hard to keep your hands off them when they come out – they are so delicious.

You’ll want to use your turkey deep fryer much more often every year, not just at Thanksgiving and Christmas or for barbecues.  An every day boring family meal can become an event on a nice evening outside, so go on try it – your family will be begging you to cook outside more often.  If you have a pool it’s a great way to get the kids away from the computer and TV and into the pool for some exercise, they’ll come out hungry from the tantalizing smell of that deep fried turkey.

If you want to literally spice up your deep fried turkey with some great flavors, King Kooker also has a range of injectable spices and rubs you can put on your turkey before you drop it in the pot.  Try the Cajun spice seasoning pack or the garlic and herbs injectable marinade, you’ll never go back to boring roast or baked turkey ever again. You’ll be using your King Kooker turkey fryer every time you make a bird.