It s Not Me It s You Stefanie Wilder Taylor has never been one to take the conventional route Whether financing a move to L A with only a best friend s bat mitzvah savings accidentally free basing cocaine or disproving

  • Title: It's Not Me, It's You
  • Author: Stefanie Wilder-Taylor
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 417
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Stefanie Wilder Taylor has never been one to take the conventional route Whether financing a move to L.A with only a best friend s bat mitzvah savings, accidentally free basing cocaine, or disproving her mother s cars aren t free refrain by winning one on Hollywood Squares, Stefanie is living proof that the unlikely can happen usually to her In this hilariously irreveStefanie Wilder Taylor has never been one to take the conventional route Whether financing a move to L.A with only a best friend s bat mitzvah savings, accidentally free basing cocaine, or disproving her mother s cars aren t free refrain by winning one on Hollywood Squares, Stefanie is living proof that the unlikely can happen usually to her In this hilariously irreverent collection of true life essays, she shares her triumphs, missteps, and the many lessons learned en route from life as a nice Jewish girl in Queens to life as a Hollywood producer, writer, and mother of three Self skewering, hopeful, and wise, It s Not Me, It s You is personal storytelling at its funniest, bravest, and most irresistible.

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    1. Stefanie Wilder-Taylor says:

      Stefanie Wilder Taylor is the author of five books including Sippy Cups Are Not for Chardonnay and her latest, Gummy Bears Should Not Be Organic On TV she hosts the late night show, Parental Discretion with Stefanie Wilder Taylor on NickMom She also co hosts the hit podcast For Crying Out Loud She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and three sporadically charming daughters She may have a serious problem with sugar free popsicles.

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    1. You all may remember my recent review of Stefanie Wilder-Taylor's "Sippy Cups Are Not For Chardonnay". I loved it! I thought that the stories were insightful, hilarious and candid. The latest book from Stefanie Wilder-Taylor is her own memoir. She takes us through growing up, all the way through carrying her twins in a high risk pregnancy.One of the things I like most about her writing is her -holds nothing back- style. She talks openly and candidly about life situations and her reactions to the [...]

    2. [u]The Tough Decisions in Life[/u]How do you escape when your boyfriend is kinda keeping you hostage? You channel your inner Tori Spelling.You need a car and your parents won't help you out, what do you do? You win one at Hollywood Squares.You are at a shelter because your mother kicked you out of the house, what do you do? Rally up all the kids at the shelter and pass a petition for more T.V. time.Hilarious!This book had me laughing out loud in the middle of the gym. Yes, I got a few stares. I [...]

    3. I would not recommend this book to anyone. The only funny thing about the book was the title. The cover was mildly amusing. The book is a collection of stories of events that occured to the author, Stefanie Wilder-Taylor. Funny is not a description to be used in describing her memories. I do find it somewhat amusing that people actually bought this book. I am only glad I did not read this book outdoors for I would have taken a sharp stick to my eye to ease the pain. Do not waste your time readin [...]

    4. I'm not sure why I keep reading these humorous memoirs -- I think mostly to validate that there are crazier people than me out there who still manage to survive in the world. This was one of the better ones, though wasn't over-the-top funny, but I appreciated that she wasn't always trying to be over-the-top funny and failing, like many of these books. (Are you listening, Laurie Notaro?)

    5. This was a very funny book! The timeline jumped around a bit much, but her humorous stories of her life whether that be real or made up, kept me laughing the whole book through. It really made me feel better about my own life!

    6. This was a laugh out loud one! A bunch of short autobiographical short stories that are friggen funny! Like the time she "accidentally free-based cocaine" or when they kind of joined a cult to get the free food. haha. It's a good one!

    7. This was a super-quick read. It's just essays but I grew to love the author as the book develops. This was better than her book Sippy Cups Are Not For Chardonnay.

    8. Good, but definitely wasn't as humorous as I first anticipated. I would be interested in reading some of her other novels (particularly Sippy Cups Are Not for Chardonnay and Naptime Is the New Happy Hour). Don't get me wrong, she had humor nestled into her stories, but for me it wasn't a slap-stick kind of humor but rather it provided comic relief. This book has a bunch of short stories that are basically in chronological order of her life. A lot of the short stories involved some heavy storylin [...]

    9. Very easy read. Short essays make it a book that is easy to find a stopping point. This book made me crack up at times. I look forward to reading her other books!

    10. Author Stefanie Wilder-Taylor writes her memoir like I would like to write one: Filled with sarcasm, humor and obscenities.I’m just too Minnesota Nice to pull it off courageously. And not nearly as funny. But if you’re a memoir fan looking for a humor fix, “It’s Not Me, It’s You: Subjective Recollections From a Terminally Optimistic, Chronically Sarcastic and Occasionally Inebriated Woman” is your book.It is not as packed with laugh-out-loud humorous metaphors as Jen Lancaster’s [...]

    11. This was a very quick read. It's supposed to be amusing and she doesn't pull it off as well as Jen Lancaster, although I did lol once or twice. Stefanie Wilder-Taylor definitely has a sense of humor and it's served her well, but I couldn't help but feel bad at some parts. Her tale of travelling to Hollywood to start her own life and the predicaments she lands in are at times amusing, but there are also times that I cannot believe her upbringing, and it's not funny. Her parents are, without a dou [...]

    12. This book was a compilation of little stories, which is probably one of my favorite ways of reading stuff, especially if it's boring. This was not boring, but it was still a good book. They were true little stories about the authors life, sort of funny stuff too. It was supposed to be funny but I probably only laughed out loud like twice as some of the stories were a little annoying. I know, I am all over the place with this. The good: everything was like 10 easy pages to read. The down: not in [...]

    13. This felt less like a memoir and more like a collection of vignettes. It does have funny moments, and it is definitely light-hearted and a little surprising and crazy. I started reading it when I had kind of reached my limit for the time being with a different, very serious book I'm reading, and it definitely provided the levity I was seeking. So I accepted it for what it was, and honestly I liked it for doing what I needed it to do. But I had problems with some of the viewpoints, and I noticed [...]

    14. I've been updating my book list from my book journals. And I recorded in my 2009 book journal that I read this book, but I left no comment at all. And I recall nothing about this book, even once I read some other reviews. Granted, it's been a few years. But since it's not coming back to me at all, I feel safe in the assumption that it may have slightly amused me at the time, but not enough for me to ever check on anything else she'd written nor for any story in this book to stand out. Whereas I [...]

    15. This was funny, but it also sort of drove me crazy because it made me want to shake the girl writing it. I'm sure she was exaggerating to make things funnier, but all the stories about her getting fired from a crazy number of jobs and basically making a mess of her life just made me want to fix her. Which is ridiculous, and probably says something about my own life, especially because it's similar to hers in its level of ridiculousness. This reminded me of the Chelsea Handler book I read awhile [...]

    16. I've read Wilder-Taylor's first 2 books - Sippy Cups are Not for Chardonnay and Naptime is the New Happy Hour. I loved the first one and felt like the second was trying to hard to be as good as the first one. I was a little nervous that this book would be a repeat of the second book. It definitely wasn't. In this book she delves into her abandonment issues, unhappy childhood, eating disorder and other pretty serious things and all with a pretty amazing ability to laugh at herself. This book isn' [...]

    17. Moving and funny, I loved this book. I will highly recommend to my friends to read as I found it easy to relate to. It Works for You if You Work It was my favorite chapter where she discusses how therapy will not work unless you give it a chance. Unlike other memoirs I've read in the past that focus on comedy, she mixes in with the humor her emotional past that in a way that is endearing and raw. I also enjoyed how the book get better, and the writer more likable, as the stories progress, since [...]

    18. Her first two books were brilliantly hilarious. I related to her funny experiences with new motherhood and the way she told her stories made me pee-in-my-pants laugh. In this book, instead of sticking with the topic of motherhood, it's a hodge-podge of recollections of growing up. Unfortuately, I couldn't relate to her stories of getting kicked out of the house by her mother at 16; smoking crack; hanging out at titty bars and strip-clubs; and begging her boyfriend to marry her. Quite disappointi [...]

    19. Pros:Written by a girl named Stefanie. does not have her name properly listed. As someone named Stefanie I admit I picked it up at first because I adore seeing my name in print.One chapter stories are perfect for when you're not quite prepared to concentrate. Seeing as I carried a 102 degree fever for 50+ hours, that's about all I could handle.Some parts were wicked funny.Cons:Some parts were not even close to being believable.Making light of drug use is not funny to me.

    20. I really enjoyed this book, however it wasnt quite as funny as the other 2 books I have read by her. But that may just be because I couldnt really relate to alot of the stuff in her life. Which isnt a bad thing, its just funnier if youve been there done that. There were parts that were just plain hilarious, and parts that just were ok. It jumped around a bit, going from when she was 18, then to meeting her husband, and back to being in her early 20s. Overall though, I enjoyed it and will be orde [...]

    21. Fairly amusing although I couldn't relate to most of the circumstances. Many people didn't like the ending as it was a little open-ended, but I felt like her whole point was that life is all about how you perceive it and it never hurts to have a "rock" in your life (the word she uses for her husband in her acknowledgements). The story didn't really need a neat and tidy ending because life is ever-evolving and rarely neat or tidy. It left me intrigued enough to check out another book by Wilder-Ta [...]

    22. This memoir was funny, and I definitely wanted to be friends with Stefanie Wilder-Taylor. Her insecurities and discomforts are ones many of us can relate to, although we might handle them a little differently.She is blunt and open about her issues, although I did want to see a little more of her struggle due to her irresponsible behavior. For example, she needs a car so she goes on a game show to win one, then conveniently ignores the fact that she will be taxed by the IRS on said car, which lea [...]

    23. This was an open, incredibly honest book by a neurotic woman who made some questionable decisions while growing up. She has been fired from numerous jobs, had horrible boyfriends, suffered from bulimia and yet makes these stories entertaining and funny. It is nice to see that she has come out ok with a caring husband, adorable kids, and improved work ethic. If you like Chelsea Handlers type of humor you will enjoy Stefanie’s.

    24. I expected this book to be much funnier than it was. Though the author made light of her awkward and sometimes downright depressing situations, I wouldn't say that her storytelling was overly amusing. Sure, there were great one-liners here and there, but overall, it was more like reading a memoir (except I usually read memoirs of people I am interested in knowing more about). Perhaps as a rule I shouldn't pick up books that feature a quote from Tori Spelling on the front.

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