No Small Storm Coast to Coast Brides September Providence Rhode Island Thirty year old Remembrance Mem Wilkins loves her solitary life running the farm and orchard she inherited from her father and has no plans to give up her inde

  • Title: No Small Storm (Coast-to-Coast Brides #1)
  • Author: Anne Mateer
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 144
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • September 1815, Providence, Rhode Island Thirty year old Remembrance Mem Wilkins loves her solitary life running the farm and orchard she inherited from her father and has no plans to give up her independence Especially not for the likes of Mr Graham Lott But when Mem is unable to harvest the apples on her own, she accepts the help of the man she despises Fresh off aSeptember 1815, Providence, Rhode Island Thirty year old Remembrance Mem Wilkins loves her solitary life running the farm and orchard she inherited from her father and has no plans to give up her independence Especially not for the likes of Mr Graham Lott But when Mem is unable to harvest the apples on her own, she accepts the help of the man she despises Fresh off a boat from Ireland with his four year old son in tow, Simon Brennan secures a building in which to ply his trade as a cobbler Still healing from the grief of his wife s death a year earlier, he determines to focus only on providing a good life for his son But when he intervenes in an argument on behalf of the intriguing Miss Wilkins, sister in law of the tavern owner who befriends him, he suddenly finds himself crossways with his landlord, Mr Lott, and relieved of his lease and most of his money With no means of support, Simon takes a job helping Mem with her harvest, relieving her of the need of Lott s help But their growing attraction to each other makes them both uneasy Mem gladly escapes to town when her sister begins labor, and Simon, believing it best to distance himself from Mem, takes his son and leaves But neither anticipates the worst gale New England has ever seen or that the storm will threaten all they hold dear.

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    1. Anne Mateer says:

      While I have been writing for what feels like my whole life, I began seriously studying the craft in 2000 Since then I have completed five novels, had several pieces published in local periodicals, attended six writing conferences and managed to final in ACFW s Genesis contest in 2006, 2008, and 2009 My first historical novel, Wings of a Dream, released in September 2011 My second, At Every Turn, is available now But writing is only a piece of my life.I am mostly just a woman trying to live her life in a manner pleasing to the Lord That involves being a wife to Jeff and a mother to my three young adult children Neither role has come easily, but both have stretched me, requiring me to press in closer to Jesus And because of this, Jesus has taken an insecure, fearful, sometimes angry girl and is turning her into a trusting, peaceful, grace filled woman At least some of the time There is still such a long way to go facebook AuthorAnneMa

    2 thoughts on “No Small Storm (Coast-to-Coast Brides #1)

    1. Sweet novella based upon the Great Gale of 1815. I love that the author used facts of that event to create this fictional tale.

    2. Reviewed at The Power of Words: bit/2nNQJOeAnne Mateer is a new author to me and I enjoyed not only her writing style, but the time period in which this story is set, as Christian fiction doesn’t reflect nearly enough early American settings as I’d like. No Small Storm is a well-crafted story with appealing lead characters and good character depth for a novella. I’m glad it begins the Coast-to-Coast Brides series because I’m eager to read more.Remembrance (Mem) and Simon are easily rela [...]

    3. The author brings to 1815 Rhode Island, and we meet a man and his precious four-year-old as they begin their new lives in America.We soon see what a cobbler and an orchard owner have in common, and it will warm your heart, but will others prevail and end up pulling them apart.I loved the Author’s Notes at the end of this book and you don’t want to miss what her research found. We get to experience it first hard through her eyes, and wow, is Providence still there?We also have a strong woman [...]

    4. I always love Anne Mateer's books. She always does nice, sweet, clean romances. I must admit I got a little tired of the "does she like me" "Does he like me" going on and on, but it was still really good. Overall, very sweet book.

    5. No Small Storm is a quick read but also extremely captivating and enjoyable. From the fascinating history of the Great Gale of 1815 to the early American sights, sounds and smells of Providence, Rhode Island, to the vivid characters, Anne Mateer has crafted a story that engages all the senses as well as the heart and the mind.I love reading about the early American time period, and Mateer does a fabulous job of weaving setting and dialect to immerse readers right into that era with her character [...]

    6. *Deep breath* This is a bit of a difficult review for me to write. I have read 2 other books by Anne Mateer and really enjoyed them. I’m having a hard time putting my finger on what happened with this one. Possibly it’s because it’s a novella and not a full length novel, but I really had a hard time getting into this one. It felt like I kept waiting for the story to start, and then when the storm came I was caught completely off guard (another “I don’t know why” because the blurb tal [...]

    7. I️ Loved this sweet story! The historical references are fascinating! The orchard and town are lovely settings. I️ would have loved more romance but this is a short novella. There was some editing issues but I️ don’t take off stars for that. There was a lot of “does he love me?”, “Am I️ good enough for her?” contemplations. Pretty much at the end of each chapter. Other than that good read!

    8. About this book:“September 1815, Providence, Rhode IslandThirty-year-old Remembrance “Mem” Wilkins loves her solitary life running the farm and orchard she inherited from her father and has no plans to give up her independence. Especially not for the likes of Mr. Graham Lott. But when Mem is unable to harvest the apples on her own, she accepts the help of the man she despises.Fresh off a boat from Ireland with his four-year-old son in tow, Simon Brennan secures a building in which to ply h [...]

    9. I love reading Historical Fiction! Reading about the past is wonderful. No Small Storm is a beautiful Historical Romance novel. Set in Providence, Rhode Island in September 1815, during on the time of the Great Gale. The Great Gale was a huge storm that hit with no notice, this storm is worse than a hurricane. Destruction of land, homes, sea and boats. Leaving the crops to be harvested dusted with salt from the water. No Small Storm tells the story of Remembrance "Mem" Wilkins who loves her lif [...]

    10. No Small StormThis is the first time I have read a book by this author. I enjoyed it. I always love to learn new things in history. I also love romance in a book. While this book had some romance it to me was more historical.

    11. One of the best things about being a book blogger, is discovering new authors. This is a new author to me. I was immediately hooked within the first few pages. The early 1800's is not a period that I read a lot of, but I need to. I loved being transported to such vivid desciptions and settings. Beautifully written, great character development, carefully done research. I look forward to reading more from this author. I received this book through the Celebrate Lit Blogging program, all opinions ar [...]

    12. No Small Storm is a heart-warming story that drew me in from the beginning. Remembrance “Mem” Wilkins inherits the family farm after her father dies, which is unusual for the time period. Because of the associated wealth, local men come calling, much to Mem’s dismay. I liked Mem; she is a great mix of strength and insecurities. The relationship she has with her sister is realistic, their dialogue authentic whether they are bickering or getting along. I fell in love with Simon immediately. [...]

    13. Why This Book:See the blurb above? That's why. I was intrigued enough to check out the author. What I found encouraged me that the author was likely to deliver well on the promise of her premise, so I requested a review copy and a spot on her tour through Celebrate Lit.Opening Line (from Chapter 1):Remembrance Wilkins - Mem to her friends and family - shivered, feeling to her bones the coolness of stone walls which never warmed. First Impressions:While I wasn't a fan of the interruption in the [...]

    14. Anne Mateer has created a sweet romance perfect for Valentine’s Day reading, or really anytime you want a love story with endearing characters and an historic setting inspired by true events. With its setting in the early years of the US, it brings to life our fledgling nation and the men and women determined to make a new start in a new country. Fans of historical romance will love this one!Remembrance Mem Wilkins is on her own, a very decidedly uncommon occurrence for a young lady of the ear [...]

    15. This was a great story of second chances, moving forward, and finding help when you don't think you need it. Even though this was a novella, I didn't feel like the storyline moved too fast, or I was missing anything. First of all, I absolutely loved the name Remembrance, shortened to Mem. It was so unique, as was the character. I have not read about an owner of an apple orchard before but found it quite interesting. In fact, it kind of made me feel at home because there are some apple orchards a [...]

    16. This is a nice book written with historical facts that make the story come to life. I loved reading about Rhode Island and the destruction that happened one day to a town that was unprepared. The author gives us wonderful characters like Mem. Oh how I loved her strength and determination. I’m not sure I could run an apple orchard on my own. Mem is determined to honor her father and make the orchard a profitable venture. I could picture her out there grasping for apples as the ladder leaned to [...]

    17. “She refused to be undone by a well-appointed face.”This is the first book by Anne Mateer I have read and it is delightful. It is relatively short with a fast-paced storyline, lovely characters, and a nicely orchestrated theme of second chances, trust, and forgiveness with God as the Healing Physician. Anyone who enjoys historical romance will enjoy this book. Remembrance, or Mem, operates an apple orchard by herself after her father’s passing. She yearns for love and family of her own but [...]

    18. No Small Storm was a novella set in 1815 Providence and the history part of the story made it come to life for me. Anne Mateer is a new author for me and one whose writing style was very pleasurable to read. The main historic event captured in this novella was very well done and I found myself thoroughly immersed in the intense action scenes.Remembrance, a young woman who inherits an apple orchard is determined to make a living on her own, which is quite a feat for a woman in that time period. S [...]

    19. This is the story of Remembrance "Mem" Wilkins, a thirty year old woman who has inherited a farm from her father, a rare occurrence in 1815. She enjoys her solitary life of independence and the peacefulness of her apple orchard, splitting her time between that and helping her younger sister and brother-in-law with their three young girls with another baby soon on the way. The only thing to mar this is the persistence of a middle aged man, Mr. Lott, who wants to marry her so he can have her land. [...]

    20. With No Small Storm, Anne Mateer proves herself as at home in the early 19th-century as she proved to be in the early 20th with her previous novels (Playing by Heart a personal favorite). As she details in her author's note at the end of this novella, Mateer took three facts about the Great Gale of 1815 (of which I was completely unaware!) and crafted a page-turning tale of heartache, hope, and surrender. Perhaps the most unabashedly romantic of her published works, Mem's twin desires for indepe [...]

    21. This was a very heartfelt story!  I loved the characters and how noble they both were.  I though the name Remembrance was unusual and elegant.  I loved how quickly Mem and Simon's son form a bond.  Mem has no children of her own.  She has three nieces and then a newborn nephew and yet, she is like a mother figure to Simon's four year old son.  Mem loves her family very much and tries to be very helpful.  Even though her sister has the family that she desires, she appreciates what she doe [...]

    22. My ReviewNo Small Storm is the 1st book in a new series titled Coast to Coast Brides. It is a fictional story that is based on a real life historical event that did take place. I really really enjoyed this story . Once the story gets going in this one you will not want to lay it down . Mem is 30 yrs old and inherited a farm . She is enjoying her life of solitaire. Mr. Lott does not want to accept her answer of no for help . His offer of help is not out of love either . Then there is Simon and li [...]

    23. No small stormSet in the early 1800’s, Simon and his young son comes to America to make a new start. Mem short for Remembrance has an apple orchard that needs help with. Then there is Mr. Lott that wants to marry her to get her land. He is not very nice to Simon. Love the little boy Timothy, he is hard working with his dad. Mem has a big family and has a sister that is going to have a baby so she helps them a lot. I enjoyed the history in this book, and how Simon is trying his best to make a n [...]

    24. No Small Storm is a brilliantly written and genuinely moving historical fiction romance. Expertly crafted – the characters captured my interest immediately and the story built around them is thoroughly engaging and remarkable. That this story is based on fact makes it all the more memorable.I am grateful for the opportunity to experience the gifting of this new-to-me author’s talent and certainly look forward to reading more of her work!Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this boo [...]

    25. I was drawn to Mem and to Simon and felt their struggles and concerns. Little Timothy was an added delight. I was surprised to learn that the storm featured in the story was based on an actual hurricane that hit Providence, Rhode Island. I found the faith element to be woven in neatly and the characters had growth in their lives. The story flowed well and didn't feel rushed even though a lot of things happened in a short amount of time. I look forward to reading more books in the Coast-to-Coast [...]

    26. Remembrance (Mem) is the name of the main character in this page turning story. I don't think I'll forget this story of the storm and Mem rescuing Simon and Timothy in more ways than one.She works hard rescuing everyone in her family. But without help Mem might lose what she holds dear to her heart. She finds it difficult to be vulnerable. She doesn't find true happiness until she takes a risk.Can Mem And Simon make their dreams come true?Enjoyable and a page turner!I received this free to revie [...]

    27. This is a wonderfully written story about Providence, Rhode Island and the major storm that hit and flooded the town. I loved the characters of Mem, Simon and Timothy. They all learn to put their lives in Gods hands. Simon and Mem must learn to trust again. I look forward to reading the next book in this series. I received an ebook copy of this book from Celebratelit for a fair and honest opinion that I gave of my own free will.

    28. No matter the storms that came in their lives Their family and faith helped them overcome the trials & disasters that could sometimes be overwhelming! I enjoyed this historical story loosely based on the Great Gale of 1815, which hit Providence, Rhode Island. The story was so interesting in it’s characters and it’s telling of what the flood could have been to this small town. I was gifted a copy and my review is voluntary

    29. A sweet historical novel set in post War of 1812 Rhode Island. Mem looks for independence through the ownership of her orchard--without the complications of a loveless marriage--while Simon seeks independence by setting up a cobbler shop of his own--without the burden of Europe's strict class system. Both must learn that dependence on God should never be overlooked and that mutual dependence on someone you love can make a person stronger.

    30. This book was absolutely worth the read, or two I did. I couldn’t choose a better book to snuggle down with while being home with a sick kiddo. Truly, I have missed out on a great author, whom I would love to read more from. Full Review: bibliophileviews/book-revi

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