Far Journeys In his bestselling classic Journeys Out of the Body Robert Monroe revealed to readers his enthralling excursions out of the body and into outer consciousness Now after than a decade and sessions o

  • Title: Far Journeys
  • Author: Robert A. Monroe
  • ISBN: 9780385231824
  • Page: 408
  • Format: Paperback
  • In his bestselling classic, Journeys Out of the Body, Robert Monroe revealed to readers his enthralling excursions out of the body and into outer consciousness Now, after than a decade and, sessions of intensive psychological and psychic research, he presents persuasive new, fully documented evidence of realities even further beyond the known dimensions of the physicIn his bestselling classic, Journeys Out of the Body, Robert Monroe revealed to readers his enthralling excursions out of the body and into outer consciousness Now, after than a decade and, sessions of intensive psychological and psychic research, he presents persuasive new, fully documented evidence of realities even further beyond the known dimensions of the physical universe Dr Elisabeth K bler Ross has praised the book as wonderful, it describes for the first time in understandable form the cycle of human existence through life and death.At the Monroe Institute of Applied Sciences in the United States, the author has developed a revolutionary sound wave process which facilitates out of body experiences, enabling many very ordinary and sometimes skeptical people to make controlled journeys similar to those of the author, reporting back verbally at every point along the way This book includes many transcripts of their reports , describing in fascinating yet objective detail their travels in time ans space, the extraordinary experiences of freedom and discovery that they come to take for granted, and the profound significance of these journeys for mankind as a whole.

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    1. Robert A. Monroe says:

      Robert Allan Monroe has had wide career experience in communications, having written for newspapers and magazines, and worked in television and electronics.In 1975 he was the President of two corporations active in these fields The Monroe s lived on a farm near the Blue Ridge in Virginia, America This is also the site of a Mind Research Institute opened by Monroe in 1971.

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    1. This is a follow-up on Monroe’s classic work ”Journeys out of the body”. Here I would like to say that Monroe’s three books as a whole constitute a unique contribution to scientific knowledge: our understanding of the Universe/universes takes a great leap forward after reading them.As the author states in chapter 1 of this book regarding OBEs, “You can visit a friend three thousand miles away, you can explore the moon, the solar system, and the galaxy you can enter other reality system [...]

    2. It took me a little bit to get into this book as there was a decent amount of 'lead-in' for those who wanted more of the 'process' regarding the information given in the first book. It talked about his foundation and laboratory and various sessions undergone by his researches, and overall it was interesting in a clinical and dry kind of way.But then it got good. A lot of people who read this book will want to believe it (but still reserve judgement), outright disbelieve it (because it sounds so [...]

    3. Hemi-sync! We need to learn how to use our right brains. Process can be done with sound frequencies.OOBE testimony too. Too tired to write more right now.3 to 3.5 stars.

    4. Of the few books I have reviewed I feel this is probably the most difficult, and yet maybe the most required in terms of explanation and relevance to what you might be looking for. Its premise is a phenomenal story of one mans journeys during his experiences of travelling out of his body, and through his own curiosity and endeavour he is taken on a series of incredible journeys through time and space. He meets with various entities from other realities, and through the action of simulation and e [...]

    5. I read this because I read that Joseph McMoneagle and other remote viewers went to the Monroe Institute to see if HemiSync helped them. While the beginning section of the book was good, I didn't find the experiences and dialogues Monroe detailed all that interesting, which make up most of the book. I liked the writing style and comprehensive explanations in the Seth books much better. If this book is to be believed, it sounds like there are a lot of entities you may encounter OOB, some good, som [...]

    6. By the author of the well-known Journeys Out Of The Body, this one is really useless and more or less an obvious ploy to make money by selling books. There isn't any useful content if you want to know about OBEs. Read the initial book for that.

    7. This started off great!thought it was going to be different from his first book.But about the third of the way through it, it because records of his travels to the astral plane.Still interesting at times. But expect the same as his first book. Enjoy.

    8. I just loved this book. I am deeply intrigued by the OBE and just bought my second book on the same. If you are interested to know more on Astral projection, this book is a very good start.

    9. OOBEIf Monroe really experienced all he says, his must have been one the most interesting lives of the past century.

    10. In his Book Far Journeys Robert A Monroe tells his readers about astral projection and out of body contentiousness. He also discusses theories of other realms of consciousness other than what is known to common man. He brings up facts to try to prove his view on human existence and spirituality correct. His book questions the traditional American way of thinking when it comes to spirituality and the origin of mankind's existence, purpose and after life. His book also talks about out of body expe [...]

    11. Wow. "I think we're property" again.ough I didn't really understand the thing with the loosh; it seemed like he changed his position completely about that but I didn't follow why. Certainly imagination-stretching (and bending), whatever is going on there; I found the whole thing a bit glib though, and not nearly so persuasive as his first book. Like when he tells me about the consecutive straight flushesor early on how he brought up drugs so I thought he was going to address the charge (what I'v [...]

    12. Journeys Out Of The Body was good for what it was: his first book & the beginning of his studies. Far Journeys is a great book in my opinion. His work with the Institute & really connecting with the non-physical changed my view on "the Grand Scheme of Things". I think I'll leave it to the reader to find out for themselves as to not give too much away. I met Bob, he was a true scientist & a genuinely wonderful person. I try to live what he said to most everyone:Have fun. You are much [...]

    13. Just when I thought Robert Monroe couldn't get any deeper, he did. So many of my questions regarding spirituality were answered in the most profound and detailed ways. Unlike many somewhat "spiritual" books, Far Journeys does not pose vague answers to broad questions. Even the question, "Why do humans exist?" was answered in the best and most realistic form I have ever heard. His discoveries through the astral planes reveal more and more truths each chapter. I can't wait to read Ultimate Journey [...]

    14. Almost a 5-star book. One of the problems I had was the terminology that Robert Monroe invents to attempt to describe the indescribable. He made a good effort, but lost me a couple times. Another thing that could use some work is linearity; the book starts out really focused on OOBEs then strays in different directions in Part II. There is, however, a good FAQ section at the end that helps work out some problems you may encounter reading this book.

    15. Interesting I wonder how much of this is opinion or point of view interpretation. Do all sleepers go through this process? Also, the structure and titles and jobs, all seem governed. What's the government? I don't doubt the OOB experience and I believe most of this is true, but some parts, like the sexual energy interpretation, seems to be the author's personal projection. Which, as Charlie as an example, is very probable.

    16. Just finished an incredible written journey which greatly expanded my perceptions with fantastically cognizant relations about our "local" reality. If you have any interest in metaphysics (especially as regarding "astral travel") then READ THIS BOOK! It's a sequel, but the previous one is not strictly necessary, just helpful as an introduction to who he is and how he taught himself about OOBE's. So excited to go to The Monroe Institute later in the year for some professional guidance.

    17. Robert Monroe was a successful businessman with an interesting hobby. At about age 40 he learned how to leave his physical body whenever he liked and travel in extra-material realities. A bright and ruthlessly honest researcher, he wrote three books that together present a gripping story of his own development as he toured the extra-material realities.

    18. გონება აფეთქდა და ახლა სად ვეძებო მისი ნაწილები?მოკლედ, ორი ვარიანტია, ან არ გჯერა და პირველივე თავის გადაკითხვისას მოისვრი ამ წიგნსან, პირდაღებული კითხულობ და ჭამა, ლაპარაკი, ძილი, სუნთქვ [...]

    19. Awesome book about out-of-body experience written by the person who coined the phrase. One of his other books, "Ultimate Journey" continues the story in this book. I think it's very entertaining for non-believers and eye-opening for believers. You'll see what I mean when you read it :D

    20. How can you possibly rate this? If what he says is true then this is absolute treasure, but more likely this is utter lunacy. Yet, i will keep attempting my OBE's and come to my own conclusions. Glad to have read this.

    21. Interesting, creative & the weirdest adventures of of body. The writer expects you to have had an out of body experience by now. If you have'nt then this book is like trying to understand a foreign language while cooking a complicated dish

    22. Is good, yes. I intend to read it again. Ultimate Journey is my favorite, but I've gotta buy that before I can read it again.

    23. This is one amazing book. If you want to learn about the system of life, why we are here and what's to be expected when we pass on then check out the three books in this series. This is the second.

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