A Casualty of Grace Oliver and Simon are young brothers who are unexpectedly orphaned and left alone in the world With nobody to care for them the workhouse looms and the threat of being torn apart becomes painfully rea

  • Title: A Casualty of Grace
  • Author: LisaBrown
  • ISBN: 9780994932129
  • Page: 174
  • Format: Paperback
  • Oliver and Simon are young brothers who are unexpectedly orphaned and left alone in the world With nobody to care for them, the workhouse looms and the threat of being torn apart becomes painfully real The promise of a good home together eases their fears, but it is a promise that is destined to be broken After being separated from Simon, fate delivers Oliver to the PriOliver and Simon are young brothers who are unexpectedly orphaned and left alone in the world With nobody to care for them, the workhouse looms and the threat of being torn apart becomes painfully real The promise of a good home together eases their fears, but it is a promise that is destined to be broken After being separated from Simon, fate delivers Oliver to the Pritchard farm, where Liza Pritchard, a woman struggling with her own fractured and afflicted life, sees in Oliver the family she so desperately wants But Oliver has to contend with her husband, an angry and violent man, and he can t see past the terrible life he has been thrust into Both Oliver and Liza have much to learn about faith and forgiveness, and together they embark on an emotional journey that will change each of them forever.

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      As a writer, I am intrigued by the results of life s random and unexpected events and how they can echo down through the generations Digging into the past has led to the discovery of a wealth of fascinating people, places, and events, and a desire to tell some of their stories The ones having to do with my native Canada are the ones I am most passionate about.Follow me on Facebook at facebook lisabrownbooks

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    1. 3.5★I was aware of the children who were sent from England to Australia to escape the bombing during WW2, but I didn’t know about the British Home Children who were sent to Canada in the 1800s. Many were poor, but not orphans, and their parents may never have been told where their children ended up.In the 1890s, Brothers Oliver and Simon Pogson are only 10 and 5 when their widowed mother dies, so they end up in a workhouse for a couple of years before being sent to Canada as migrants.Once in [...]

    2. The legacy of British Home Children is kept alive in this touching story through the story of Oliver and Simon. This pair of brothers are left to the future that others would devise for them when both of their parents die and they are helpless to locate other family members. The British Home Children program, designed to create a better life for children than that offered by the Victorian era workhouses, sends Oliver and Simon to Canada where adoptive families await.Like their predecessor, the w [...]

    3. A ReviewA Casualty of Grace by Lisa BrownLisa Brown has written a captivating, realistic, thoroughly researched historical fiction which hooks the reader in the very first pages of the story. It was in England during 1893 that Oliver and Simon were left to fend for themselves when their mother died. Workhouses for uncared for children had been established and children were often sent to other places in the world as British Home Children to work on farms, in mills and in factories at the mercy of [...]

    4. I was given a free copy of this book by the author in order to provide an honest review.A Casualty of Grace by Lisa Brown is a character study. A "coming of age" story about the main character.Oliver and his brother Simon are part of the British Home Program, established in the late 1800's to send orphans as indentured servants to Canada and Australia. The brothers are sent to a poorly run farm in Canada. As you can imagine, life is harsh. The farmer, Mr. Pritchard, is a mean, cold feeling taskm [...]

    5. “It is not enough to do good; one must do it in the right way.” is the quote that opens this beautiful story of young brothers, orphaned in 1893 in Britain, and then shipped to Canada and adopted by a farmer and his wife.The story of adoption in those times is so often fraught. Broken people that had fallen on hard times signed up for these children for all the wrong reasons – free labour, the small stipend that was paid to them, or merely to inflict more dreadful damage on these waifs and [...]

    6. "A Casualty of Grace". Set back in 1893, when the British Home Children migration schemes were peaking, she describes the story of brothers, 12 year old Oliver and his 5 year old brother Simon in a compelling and completely realistic way. Only 100 pages into this book and I have to tell you, I am completely drawn into this story! The emotions of pain, loss, grieving, fear and loneliness of Simon and Oliver are described in a completely engaging and strongly felt manner. Her portrayal of the main [...]

    7. I liked the book and would recommend it to others. Set in the 1800's, it's about orphans from England who were shipped to Canada. This book showed the resilient nature of these kids to survive and thrive in less than ideal circumstances.

    8. *This book was originally reviewed on the CommonBookSense blog. You can find this review and many othershere* Our self-assigned job here at CommonBookSense is to tell you whether or not a book is worth your time. Since the very beginning, I have clung to the idea that writing a review doesn't require describing the book.at's what the blurb is for. So, when you visit the page for A Casualty of Grace, you'll know why my review is different than the others.If you were to go to my list of reviewed [...]

    9. A very heartfelt thanks to netgalley and Lisa Brown Books Carlisle for providing me a copy for reading and reviewing.I give 3.5 stars to the book.Two brothers Oliver and Simon become orphan and are put in an orphanage. They are sent to Canada in foster homes separately. Older oliver is very protective of timid and lost Simon. He is heartbroken when they are separated. Oliver is sent to a farm where the owner is very ruthless but the lady Liza is very kind. They develop an emotional bond and Liza [...]

    10. Casualty of Grace is a tale about two British children, Oliver and Simon, who are sent from late Victorian England to live in Canada. The orphans end up living on a farm where they have to endure hard labour as well as the intense cold of Canada’s winter, sleeping in a barn. The plight of the two brothers is meant to represent that of many hundreds of children from similar circumstances, such as workhouses and poorhouses, during the years that the British Home Children system was in existence. [...]

    11. This historical book covers some little known territory to the American reader. I haven’t done any research on the subject of British Home Children sent to Canada to work on farms in the 1800s, but the details of the period and the grueling conditions displaced children found themselves working under all ring true. Further, the complications, the precarious hardships of growing up without a nuclear family in the setting of Lisa Brown’s story, , can only come from an author with a broad under [...]

    12. This book was almost Dickensian in its layers of tragedy. We meet Oliver and his little brother, Simon, standing over their mother’s newly dead body, and their lives go downhill from there. The two brothers are without any family or connections and are sent to Canada as part of the British Home Children program. From there the boys are separated when Simon is sent off to live with a well-to-do family and Oliver is shipped off to the Pritchard farm. Life is hard on the farm. Oliver is worked li [...]

    13. A lyrical, engrossing and beautifully written book. Hats off to the author for her thorough research, devotion to detail, evocative (yet efficient!) language and compelling characters. CASUALTY OF GRACE is a wonderful read -- literary but accessible. Thank you, NetGalley!Too many writers mistake verbosity for intelligence, but Ms. Brown never inserts herself into the narrative, never overdoes it, never wastes a scene. She also seems to have a terrific grasp on the psychology of the reader, for w [...]

    14. The story of a pair of orphaned brothers,Oliver and Simon, relocated from England to Canada is brought to life in A Casualty of Grace. I was not familiar with the British Home Children program, which was designed to remove children from workhouses (be they orphaned or not) and help them create a better life in Canada where adoptive families awaited. While some loving parents adopted some of these children, a large number ended up as a free set of hands on farms or in mills.We see this play out f [...]

    15. ****I received this book from Maple Leaf Book Promotions in exchange for an honest review.****A Casulaty of Grace tells the story of Oliver, a British orphan who is sent to Canada in the hopes of a better life. Along with his little brother Simon, they cross the ocean, not knowing what awaits them. Oliver is placed at the Pritchard farm. He is expected to work hard and not cause trouble. Eventually, his brother joins him at the farm We get to read about how their lives progress.This book was a w [...]

    16. I have never read a book that I cried so much! Maybe I am a bit too sentimental. But this boy went through more then physical abuse. He went through unlimited emotional abuse from every angle. I felt the boys grief, pain, anger and disbelief. Lisa Brown touched the very core of an issue that effected many orphans. She wrote a novel that transported me into the very inner being of the young boy as he had his mother die and set out to protect his brother and maintain their need to remained togethe [...]

    17. This is Lisa Brown's best book so far. Lisa is an historical novelist who in her first three books (this is the third) focusses on the difficulties and hardships faced by settlers in Canada; A Casualty of Grace traces the passage of two young orphans from the north of England to Canada, their well-meant reception there and the hard life one of them suffers in his first years. The background to this story, a tale of suffering by the people with whom he is lodged, is released only gradually in a w [...]

    18. A Casualty of Grace is the story of two brothers who become British home children and end up in living in Waterdown, Ontario in the late 1800s. It is a well-researched tale of of the contrasting experiences that two brothers living in the same home experience. It dramatically describes a sad part of Canadian and British history when many children ended up working as indentured help and suffered abuse at the hands of adults.The Library and Archives Canada website reports that over 100,000 childre [...]

    19. If you read about the Orphan trains in the United States, you are familiar to a degree about what happens in this book. This book is about orphaned children in England who end up in the workhouses. The British Home Program, sent these children to Canada in the late 1800s to a new home. This program, like the Orphan Trains had great intentions, however, some of the "adoptive families" were more interested in free labour than having an adopted child.In this book 10 year old Oliver (think Oliver Tw [...]

    20. A Learning ExperienceI always love reading something in which I learn something. In this case I learned about the British Home Program, something I never knew existed. The central character is Oliver, aptly named for his resemblance to the character of Oliver Twist, who faces one tragedy after another. The novel takes place during the late 1800’s, mostly in Canada, mostly in the winter, only adding to the tragedy. Oliver is sent to live on the Pritchard farm where he gains an ally and almost m [...]

    21. Readers' Favorite Reviews of A Casualty of Grace - Three 5 StarsLink to all reviews - readersfavorite/book-reviHere's the first of the three:Lisa Brown’s historical fiction novel, A Casualty of Grace, is an outstanding and beautifully written novel about two British brothers who were sent to Canada in a migration experiment that exposed many of the young participants to suffering and hardship. It’s also Oliver’s coming of age story, as the twelve-year-old navigates his way through the dysf [...]

    22. This book is the story of two brothers who are orphaned and are bought on the orphan train in Canada. It details their lives in England, their new lives in Canada, and so much heart ache. I’m impressed with the research that the author did with farming, the areas where the children lived, and with managing to write in dialect instead of plain text. The book was slow moving, but well written. I’ve read a lot of books and this one was mostly very horribly sad. I felt for the boys so much and I [...]

    23. This touching and emotional story follows Oliver on his journey to manhood, after losing his parents, being forcefully transported to Canada and being 'adopted' by a family far from his home.It is a realistic, thoroughly researched historical fiction that flows well.All the characters are thoughtfully developed and I felt for Oliver, Simon, Liza and even, towards the end, for the cruel and flawed, Pritchard. I was a little disappointed with the ending, which seemed rushed and was set many years [...]

    24. Interesting historical novel. I was not familiar with the British Home Children; this is a good introduction to the program which is by turns valuable and painful. The language varies here and at times is a bit of a challenge due to the dialect. Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC- I'd like to see more from Brown. This would be a good YA novel.

    25. I thoroughly enjoyed this historical read, the characters and plot were extremely believable. Highly recommended.

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