Death Vigil Vol Gifted Join the Death Vigil in their ongoing war against the ever growing power of the Primordial Enemy Only catch is you have to die first Become a corporeal immortal Death Knight and obtain reality

  • Title: Death Vigil, Vol. 1
  • Author: Stjepan Šejić
  • ISBN: 9781632152787
  • Page: 458
  • Format: Paperback
  • Gifted Join the Death Vigil in their ongoing war against the ever growing power of the Primordial Enemy Only catch is you have to die first Become a corporeal immortal Death Knight and obtain reality altering weaponry in the never ending battle between good and evil.Collects DEATH VIGIL 1 8.

    • Õ Death Vigil, Vol. 1 || ✓ PDF Download by ✓ Stjepan Šejić
      458 Stjepan Šejić
    • thumbnail Title: Õ Death Vigil, Vol. 1 || ✓ PDF Download by ✓ Stjepan Šejić
      Posted by:Stjepan Šejić
      Published :2020-01-25T21:22:44+00:00

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    1. Stjepan Šejić says:

      Stjepan eji is a Croatian comic book writer and artist, known for his work on the series Witchblade, Aphrodite IX, Sunstone, and The Darkness among others.

    2 thoughts on “Death Vigil, Vol. 1

    1. I just want to marry this volume.I really enjoyed reading this. There's some mystery, action, bad-ass women, gorgeous art, a bit of romance even (*cough*), awesome supporting characters what more can I ask for? Ah, this really was quite a surprise for me. I've read it last night and I'm still so hyped about it! Wish this story was at least a bit more popular! Alsolove these two:Stjepan Šejić je car. Nema dalje.

    2. I'm guessing writer/artist Stjepan Sejic noticed that a Goth-chick Death was the most popular character in Neil Gaiman’s bestselling The Sandman and decided to reuse the character for his series, Death Vigil. Eh, why not? The reaper is a Goth-chick called Bernie who leads the Death Vigil, a group of immortal death knights, in a centuries-long war against the Necromancers. Our heroine is Clara, a recently deceased young woman, who discovers her boyfriend is a Necromancer and is recruited into t [...]

    3. Another awesome Image comic. I especially liked the characters in this one and the dynamics between them - Bernie is my favourite and I loved her relationship with Sam. It has its weaknesses plot-wise and it can be a little cheesy at times, but Death Vigil is overall an entertaining read. It's also great because this first (and only at the moment - unfortunately) volume contains 8 issues, so there's a lot for you to sink your teeth into.It's a shame that this series is so underrated! I'd love to [...]

    4. I received this from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.5+ stars, and among the best graphic novels I've read this year.Writing is outstanding, the characters are exceptionally developed, and I love the amount of snarkiness and puns throughout this first volume. The artwork is fantastic, too. This is one of those comics that would make a great anime/cartoon.I do have one question, though: when is the next volume coming out?

    5. **I received a free eARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**This is wonderful! I actually had high hopes for this, but it turned out to be even better than I expected.The drawings and the color palette are very beautiful. I think it's amazing that the same person did both the art and the writing, it just shows how creative someone can be.Bernadette the Reaper recruits people who have just died to be part of the vigil, they become immortal fighters and share the s [...]

    6. This graphic novel was so much fun to read. It was really different and interesting. I liked the characters and plot a lot.

    7. The personification of Death is nothing knew, but this incarnation of the grim reaper (Bernardette or Bernie, as the other characters call her) is much more human. She's jealous and holds grudges, acts motherly and affectionate, and even takes a lover I mean, at one point a character stumbles in on her dancing alone in her room singing along to her iPod.Anyhow, she's been recruiting (dead) people who are somehow "gifted". That's not really explained, but then said people become part of the Death [...]

    8. How many times we can say that death and gothic look didn't match? No one, is a combination made in heaven, and here this is doing in a really interesting way because EVERYBODY IS DEAD (or something like that). Even more the gothic essence is fortified with the colors and the illustrations (and not, you can use a lot of black and don't transmit that felling).When you have an immortal fighters army that must fight against the necromancers you know that the things can be violent but never hope tha [...]

    9. Another masterpiece by Šejić, though I wouldn't consider this the strongest or most unique work in his recent portfolio. Death Vigil follows the adventures of Bernie the reaper and her group of handsome undead minions who battle the necromancers who serve the primordial evil of chaos, etc etc. Expect lots of monsters and tentacles and fangs--which is where the story really shines. That is, Šejić's artwork is amazing. Although his humans tend to suffer from sameface syndrome, the monstrous cr [...]

    10. [I received a copy of this comics through NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.]This volume gathers issues 1 to 8, and while it's not necessarily the most original take on the concept (the Reaper as a sort of goth girl + the scythe), I pretty much enjoyed it no matter what. Because, well, let's be honest: I like goth chicks with scythes. Also I always have a soft spot for necromancy in general. And when it comes to toying with tropes. I really liked the artwork and colours, although somet [...]

    11. This was provided by Netgalley as a read for review, but of course, does not alter my opinion. :3I'm gonna be bold and say this is one of the best comics I've ever read in my life and although I'm glad there will most likely be more, I could be completely satisfied with just reading this as a standalone bind-up!In the first couple of pages I wasn't sure if I was going to like it all that much and I really have no reason for why I felt that way, I just had a strange vibe. Man, was that vibe wrong [...]

    12. Okay, why isn't this series getting more attention!? Death Vigil is FANTASTIC! So much charm and family, a little romance, plenty of danger, adventure, delightful character interactions and banter You name it! Everything I want in a comic is here. The Vigil feels like the family it is. Everyone's a little weird, but everyone's accepted and loved. And then they go off to stop the monsters from coming into our world!Bernie, aka. the Reaper, is adorkable and so gosh darn charming, you'll grin whene [...]

    13. I had such a great time with this comic. First of all, Stjepan Sejic is a phenomenal illustrator and has proven himself to be an amazing writer as well. This volume is plot-heavy, the characters are well-crafted, the action is really engaging, the enemy is appropriately scary, there is a lot of mystery surrounding one of the main characters and there is also a perky Grim Reaper - who doesn't remind me of Gaiman's Death at all; I can't really see any resemblance and I am a pretty big "Sandman" fa [...]

    14. I loved this comic. It's an awesome urban fantasy with great art. The different character perspectives that are so much easier to do in comic form rather than novel, flowed brilliantly with the story. I loved the mechanics of the grim reaper and the veilrippers. So cool!This one is definitely a buy for me. I can't wait for the next issue.

    15. Interesting take on Death as a character with top notch art. I especially liked the expressions on the characters faces. Seems like that should be a no-brainer for artists but unfortunately most of them can't get it right. Reminded me of Terry Moore's work in Strangers in Paradise, Pocket Book 1.8/10

    16. Death Vigil follows Bernie who is a leader of a group of warriors whose enemy is the necromancers. On her death, Clara gets offers a choice to join the Death VIgil or to die. It is here the story progressing into a fast-paced adventure with plot twists that you will not see coming. Overall, Death Vigil is one of my favourite graphic novels that I read this year, it has such a massive world which is detailed and well explored and it is fast-paced and has really lovable characters and the artwork [...]

    17. Couldn't say I was thrilled when I scrolled through the first pages. Death is one of the protagonists? And it's a very cute she as well? That sound awfully familiar Death: The High Cost of Living But that all went out the window once a boat full of ghoul pirates got dragged from the pits of hell!Stjepan isn't doing a Neil Gaiman-ripoff at all. It's an entire new universe in it's own way, and it really, really works. Yes, he uses some very familiar tropes (cute and innocent = actually giant mutan [...]

    18. I did a little comic book shopping in Calgary this weekend and the girl working at Redd Skull recommended this series to me. She pitched it as: kickass female characters and the grim reaper. Which was enough to sell me.The series has great critical reviews, but needs more sales in order for a second arc to be possible. For promotional purposes, the creator has this entire first arc available on his DeviantArt page--check it out! If you like it, consider preordering or buying the trade when it co [...]

    19. Death Vigil volume 1 was a nicely put together graphic novel with an intriguing plot and interesting characters. It was fast paced and there was always something happening, which also made it hard to stop reading. It’s dark and humorous and the characters are well developed.I read this as an e-comic, and at time I found some of the dialog to be a bit hard to read, but I have a feeling it might be because of the resolution of the e-copy. It may be a lot better in the hardcopy.I can say that I d [...]

    20. I loved this book so much. It pretty much contains all of my favorite things: friendship to the max, finding where you below, romance, humor, death with a gothic twist, and a good chunk of the supernatural. I was pretty crushed to learn it was cancelled after issue 8, and this is all there is of the series. Luckily for us readers it wraps up pretty well, but there is a lot left for Sejic to explore. I hope he gets the opportunity to continue it at some point -- maybe exclusively online or finish [...]

    21. The first few pages were gripping and I was hooked. The female reaper was an interesting take. The premise puts a new meaning to "dying for a cause." The art was beautiful and fit the story perfectly. My only complaint is that the ending felt rushed. I'm interested in seeing where this series heads. I received an e-copy of this through Net-Galley for an honest review

    22. I'm about halfway through this (as the individual issues are released), so it's read and tbr at the same time.Where Death is called Bernadette (Bernie) and collects 'dead with talent' to form the Vigil, fighting against many-eyed and much-tentacled necromancers and their summonings. Dark, humorous, tons of female characters, great artwork - definitely worth checking out.

    23. I picked this up at my local library because it looked interesting, and I ended up loving it so much! I can't wait for more to be published!!!

    24. The Vigil is a group of led by Bernadette, an immortal with the power to resurrect special individuals right after they die. They first have to accept her offer to fight the Enemy and its army of necromancers while becoming immortal themselves. The dialogue is especially funny and its relaxed air in the face of adversity will draw a laugh every time. There are places where the technicalities of the magic that's being used or the planning will bore you, but the action makes up for it. It's a smar [...]

    25. I will be honest; I nearly didn't pick this up. Superpowered Death Knights fighting supernatural monsters ehn?But the woman on the cover--the grim reaper, it turns out her name is Bernadette--she had that kind of funny, sad, what're-you-gonna-do lopsided grin, and it made me a bit curious. (I feel like when a book is a graphic novel that is written and drawn by the same person, you can judge it by the cover a bit.)I am so glad I did. This book is a "come for the battle against the creeping mytho [...]

    26. The battle of good and evil is front and center in Stjepan Sejic’s “Death Vigil: Volume I”. While there are certainly white hats, well hair, and black hats there are some important grey figures intermingling among them with amazing art by writer-artist Sejic keeping the reader engaged through the entire book.The basics of the story is Death, aka Bernie, selects individuals who die valiantly to become Death Knights to defend the living from Necromancers who attempt to bring primordial being [...]

    27. This came quite surprising, was recommended to me for some time now and when I started with issue Number One I was not convinced that this may be a good thing to continue reading. It starts - frankly said - with shallow and foreseeable humour. Jokes we read and heard before and admittedly it is not that easy to be original in the time of Buffy (still ongoing, in comics at least) and Supernatural, where Horror, Fun and Action meet in a good mix. After I finished Number Two I was more convinced th [...]

    28. This review originally appeared on my blog, Books Without Any Pictures:bookswithoutanypictures/20Death Vigil is a graphic novel by Stjepan Šejić about the Grim Reaper and her army who fight against a great darkness that threatens our world. Stjepan Šejić is the same author who wrote Sunstone, and I’d been itching for a chance to try some of his other work. Death Vigil does not disappoint.The book largely alternates between two main characters. Sam joined the Death Vigil after sacrificing h [...]

    29. That blurb should already make you curious enough to check this novel out. Death Vigil has everything a good graphic novel should have - likable and energetic characters, proper villain, interesting story, well-placed humor and good visual presentation of it all.Oh, and if you still have doubts, you can check the first pages on artist's DeviandArt account: nebezialviantart/galler.This story is packed with interesting characters:Bernie - the death herself, who leads the Death Vigil group,Sam - th [...]

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