Heavyweight Secrets Their weight can be crushing but their release can change everything and not necessarily for the better Ian is no stranger to secrets Being a gay teen in a backwater southern town Ian must k

  • Title: Heavyweight
  • Author: M.B. Mulhall
  • ISBN: 9781627987134
  • Page: 182
  • Format: ebook
  • Secrets Their weight can be crushing, but their release can change everything and not necessarily for the better Ian is no stranger to secrets Being a gay teen in a backwater southern town, Ian must keep his orientation under wraps, especially since he spends a lot of time with his hands all over members of the same sex, pinning their sweaty, hard bodies to the wrestlinSecrets Their weight can be crushing, but their release can change everything and not necessarily for the better Ian is no stranger to secrets Being a gay teen in a backwater southern town, Ian must keep his orientation under wraps, especially since he spends a lot of time with his hands all over members of the same sex, pinning their sweaty, hard bodies to the wrestling mat When he s trying not to stare at teammates in the locker room, he s busy hiding another secret that he starves himself so he doesn t get bumped to the next weight class Enter Julian Yang, an Adonis with mesmerizing looks and punk rocker style Befriending the flirtatious artist not only raises suspicion among his classmates, but leaves Ian terrified he ll give in to the desires he s fought to ignore As secrets come to light, Ian s world crumbles Disowned, de friended, and deserted by nearly everyone, Ian s one way ticket out of town is revoked, leaving him trapped in a world he hates and one that hates him back.

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    1. M.B. Mulhall says:

      MB Mulhall is a published author who typically has way too much on her plate In between making vlogs and writing books, she tests her patience and pays the bills by helping to manage a home for developmentally disabled adults She has a BA in Comparative Literature and Languages from Hofstra University as well as an Elementary Education degree from Georgian Court University She s a crafter, a pet parent to a dog and two hedgehogs, a wife, a Jersey girl, a Whovian, and a lover of ink Her next novel, Driven, is due out in March 17 with Harmony Ink Press You can find her all over social media posting pics of books, pets, and food porn.

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    1. For me, the most intriguing thing about Heavyweight was Ian: a young guy who's struggling with both his sexuality and an eating disorder. And the wrestling part wasn't half bad, either.I liked Ian a lot. He's a respectable, socially aware 17-year-old, and I thought his bravado and youth were pretty authentic. Ian is biding his time until he can head off to college—both to escape his alcoholic father and the confines of his small-minded hometown. Though he's not out, Ian knows he's gay, so thin [...]

    2. 4.5 stars. TW for homophobia and eating disordersREALLY enjoyed this one and the rep for queer boys with bulimia, but knocking half of a star because I felt like his sexuality took a little too much of the story and wanted it to talk more about his mental health.

    3. I haven’t had a lot of good experiences with YA titles recently. That Heavyweight wasn’t about an abusive situation made it stand out for me as something different. Plus a friend has been posting some very sexy photos of wrestlers on Facebook! I have a close friend whose son wrestled for seven years in school. I really tried to not notice his body, I really did, until he was 18. But man, I can’t imagine what it would have been like for a gay teenage boy to be rolling around with him all sw [...]

    4. WOW!!! I absolutely loved this book. There were moments were I wanted to scream: STOP! Can't you see what you're doing to this wonderful human being? I almost cried at parts and I loved Jules and Mei Li! Great read!!!

    5. A Joyfully Jay review. 4.5 starsThe strength of this young adult novel is that it deals with heavy themes that are often ignored, and does it well. Eating disorders are often explored in novels, but very seldom with males, even though it is not that uncommon in young adult males, especially amongst wrestlers who are trying to maintain a certain weight class. Mulhall does a wonderful job of exploring the psyche of this underrepresented group of people and showing how emotionally damaging it can b [...]

    6. Not quite 4 stars, but more than 3.As far as YA novels go, this was pretty good, heart wrenchingly good at times.Ian's desperation to escape his drunk, abusive father and the small, narrow minded town he grew up in, and the measures he's willing to take in order to leave as soon as possible are utterly well portrayed, narrated. The tentative, developing, blossoming love between Ian and Jules is sweet and lovely. But I gotta say that the high school's, the teacher's and the town's reaction in gen [...]

    7. So, I read the sample of this book and thought it was good but hadn't intended to buy it because of the priceever I accidentally clicked the wrong button and bought it and I am quite glad I did. This was a surprisingly good bookke I read it in one sitting's now nearly 3:15am but it was quite worth it. :)I actually like all of the characters (well aside from the villains of the story) which is quite rare for me. So kudos to M.B. Mulhall!! (view spoiler)[The eating disorder was handled surprisingl [...]


    9. This book was ok, but there were too many irritating things that kept me from really enjoying it. The first person present tense with the narrator directly addressing the reader just didn't work for me. That's a matter of personal preference though. The other problems were things I just couldn't reconcile in my mind.The result of Ian's eating disorder didn't make sense to me. With his physical stats and level of exercise, he'd require well over 3000 calories per day just to maintain his weight. [...]

    10. 3.5 stars. Pros: Unusual subject matter for this genre and it was well handled, if pushed to the background more than I liked. It was refreshing to see that there were few 'magic' solutions: the eating disorder wasn't cured by the shock of hospitalisation, the mother didn't suddenly stand up to the father after years of abuse. Likable characters and nicely paced.Cons: The reaction of the principal didn't ring true and it was quite jarring. It was overdramatic and disappointing. Yes, there are as [...]

    11. Really enjoyed the high school romance about a student who's in constant watch of his weight because it could mean a -unfavorable- change in his wrestling category, and the new kid in town.

    12. This is a hard review for me to write. The thing is? It should be hard. Eating disorders, racism, and homophobia should never be a light topic in any situation. This is a heavy book and, for a lot of people, it isn't going to be a their cup of tea. Perhaps the most distressing thing is that, for all that we talk about anti bullying? Hate is still alive and well in far too many lunch rooms. This is one of the better books I've read in the recent years that truly tackles these subjects. Immense in [...]

    13. I received a PDF of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review, but also own the paperback.I first learned of this story when the author posted an excerpt on her blog. The plot intrigued me and I was eager to get my hands on it and read the whole story. I was not disappointed. Ian's struggle had me turning the pages quickly, scared things would fall apart and he wouldn't get a happy ending. Things did fall apart - real life isn't all rainbows and sunshine and the author did not s [...]

    14. DNF @ 34%. To be honest, I thought the topic and setting of this book were really intriguing, especially after I realized it would be an (view spoiler)[interracial romance (hide spoiler)] too.The writing though oh dear. I can only stomach a handful of "Who knew could be so sexy" sentences in one story. But when they constitute 90% of the MC's thoughts about his love interest, it's enough to become a major turn-off for me. Seems that I have no tolerance for teenage-speak anymore. The whole part [...]

    15. Loved this book.I liked the voice the author decided to give Ian. He felt very real, both in the way he approached Julian, his own family, and his (mostly unrealized) eating disorder. The chemistry between Ian and Julian was one of the best part of this, but I also liked how easily Ian connected with Julian's sister, and how he found a new family by the end. I liked to hate Ian's father, and the physical confrontation between them and the consequent stay at the Yang's made for a nicely done hurt [...]

    16. Ian was likable, troubled, but likable. Which was fortunate since this was told in first person. The supporting characters were great. For once, here is a YA with decent women in it. What ruins it are the men. Almost ever very single grown man, is a bigoted jerk. The exception was the coach. The entire town was a bigoted mess. I don't think the town was set in the 60's; it seemed contemporary so I find it hard to believe that a school could ban students for being gay. It just doesn't compute.

    17. In a perfect storm of circumstance, Ian’s secrets escape. His family, best friend, teammates, classmates, even strangers all hate him now. He sees no way out of the hell that is his life. Jules, instead of being someone to fear, becomes a solace to Ian. His one and only soft place to fall.See the entire review at The Novel Approach: thenovelapproachreviews/20

    18. I enjoyed this because it touches ED in males, in athletes.I enjoyed this because I'm from a small town. Because I can poignantly imagine the fear and hurt caused by being in a place like this and not being their normal.It hurts because I can imagine this happening to people I know, to students I may teach. I didn't want to give up the characters at the end.

    19. This wasa YA book. Written like a YA book. Read like a YA book. It's been so long since I've read young adult, I think I forgot. So if I review it as a YA book, I'd give it 4 stars.Regardless, It was good. I loved the story line.

    20. Many people simply don't believe that boys can suffer from eating disorders. This book is the first YA I have read that actually deals with this, I was impressed by the subject matter.

    21. This was a really great read. The characters are well-written and the story is solid. The main character is someone you can sympathize with, but also see his flaws.

    22. I was so deeply in love with this book, still is though. It makes me cannot move to read another book. I don't know what to read next though. I have been trying to read Finding Audrey and Noah Can't Even, also a book on my kindle, yet I still cannot move on from this book. :( So tragic, I know. All I can say right now is the book brought so many feels to me, from happy to sad feelings. It taught me a lot of thing too. Something like 'people have to act like others if you want to fit in their soc [...]

    23. Woah…so romantic and sweet, man! The blurb already intrigued me, but the book still exceeded my expectations!Anyhow, one reason why I loved this story is because Julian Yang is Asian and I’m Asian too. He’s really cool, and thankfully doesn’t fit into any Asian stereotypes, lol. Julian’s so cute as well; I love it when he makes suggestive remarks to Ian—they’re so funny. XD Even though Julian initially presents himself as arrogant, tough, and gives off a don’t-mess-with-me aura, [...]

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