Black Lion s Bride As deadly as she is beautiful Zahirah daughter of the King of the Assassins steals into the camp of the English army She intends to murder King Richard but her plan only delivers her into the hand

  • Title: Black Lion's Bride
  • Author: Tina St. John
  • ISBN: 9780804119634
  • Page: 480
  • Format: Paperback
  • As deadly as she is beautiful, Zahirah, daughter of the King of the Assassins, steals into the camp of the English army She intends to murder King Richard, but her plan only delivers her into the hands of the enemy and puts her at the mercy of the dashing Black Lion, Sebastian of Montborne Seeing only a mysterious beauty in need of his protection, Sebastian is unaware thAs deadly as she is beautiful, Zahirah, daughter of the King of the Assassins, steals into the camp of the English army She intends to murder King Richard, but her plan only delivers her into the hands of the enemy and puts her at the mercy of the dashing Black Lion, Sebastian of Montborne Seeing only a mysterious beauty in need of his protection, Sebastian is unaware that Zahirah is the enemy he has sworn to destroy Caught in a web of passion and deception, they now risk their lives to share a forbidden love.

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    1. Tina St. John says:

      Pseudonym of Lara AdrianA Michigan native and descendant of Mayflower passenger Governor William Bradford, Tina St John makes her home in coastal New England with her husband, the inspiration for all her heroes and her most devoted fan The couple are the caretakers of two rescued felines who have trained them to surrender treats, tuna, and belly rubs on command.She quit a full time corporate job to pursue her dream of becoming a published author In 1995, Tina St John sold her first completed manuscript, Lord of Vengeance, and has since gone on to pen several acclaimed medieval romances She was frightened of vampires as a child Luckily, she has overcome this fear and uses that early fascination to drive her paranormal romance novels as Lara Adrian Her stories mesh fear, sensuality, and power into vampire romance fantasy novels and today she is well known for the popular Midnight Breed series She believes that vampires as heroes in romantic fiction are the ultimate bad boy Her books have been licensed in over sixteen countries She is also a RWA RITA finalist and Romantic Times Reviewers Choice award recipient.

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    1. This book is a follow up to White Lion's Lady (don't want to say how they're connected, since that's a bit spoilerish to book #1). Any who, Sebastian of Montborne is more interested in going a-crusading than staying home and less in being an earl and running the homestead, and he's followed King Richard to the Holy Land. There's this nasty nest of assassins out to off the Lionheart, and Sebastian stops one in his (actually her) tracks, and takes a nasty injury while doing it.Long story short, Za [...]

    2. This book was just ok. It just didn't suit my tastes. The Heroine Zahira is supposed to be this awesome assassin. She spends all of her time crashing around helplessly being rescued by the hero Sebastian. If she is the only and best woman in her assassin clan I don't know how they survived. While the ending was happy enough it was rather unrealistic. The big reveal was that she is actually a white woman from England who blends in with the Arab population because she is very tan. When she returns [...]

    3. So far I am disappointed in the Heroine of this Story Zahirah. The book opens up with her being this bad ass assassin that fails in her initial mission. It is written that she has been trained all her life in the deadly arts and is as good as the men in her clan. Unfortunately she is not living up to the hype thus far. Other than her initial assassination attempt she has done nothing but fall around and get rescued by the Hero. Zahirah begs to be involved in an ambush promising she can pull her [...]

    4. "Zahirah conobbe il calore e la luce sconfinata dell'amore di Sebastian. Fu una cosa meravigliosa, quella che le regalò: una libertà emotiva che sembrava elevare la sua stessa anima verso il cielo."Preciso che preferisco la Adrian in veste paranormale e che ricordavo poco e niente del volume precedentenostante questo tutto ciò che esce dalla penna di questa donna è destinato a beccarsi il mio amore più o meno ardente e questo libro non fa eccezione XD Ho trovato originale l'ambientazione, h [...]

    5. Da leggerefantasticoLara Adrian, autrice famosa per la saga paranormal Midnight Breeds, torna a regalarci una nuova storia d' amore con il suo romance storico La Signora della Passione. Ricordo che questo suo nuovo lavoro appartiene alla saga Warrior di cui fa parte La Signora della Tentazione, uscito nei primi mesi del 2013. Il precedente romanzo, con protagonisti Griffin e Isabel, aveva introdotto alla fine della storia il personaggio di Sebastian di Montborne, un comandante a servizio di re R [...]

    6. I was pulled into this story from the very beginning with a premise that took us out of usual local in England and to the deserts of the Middle East. I had already fallen partially in love with Sebastian Montborne in the first book in this series, but it was locked in with his appearance here. I have never been a big fan of the historical romance but I find myself loving these for some reason, though it is probably because they make me feel like a part of the action. I get a chance to know the p [...]

    7. BLACK LION’S BRIDELettura leggermente inferiore rispetto al primo capitolo, ma è nata con diversi handicap.1 L’ambientazione non è tra le mie favorite e non mi coinvolge più di tanto; preferisco quelle anglofone, nordiche.2 Per quanto Sebastian sia adorabile, nutro nei suoi confronti una certa avversione (sono la prima ad ammettere che è ingiustificata ^^). Il mio pregiudizio nasce in White Lion’s Lady (La Signora della Tentazione). Capisco che lui non abbia nessuna colpa, ma lo vedo c [...]

    8. 3.5 Stars for this one, but the unique setting and situation raised it closer to 4. Sebastian is the brother from Griffin of the first book in the series. He is quite the yummy perfect hero. Nothing broken there, just honor and nobility. Zahirah, our heroine, was a different story. She is the abused daughter of the king of assassins, and the source of that abuse is revealed slowly throughout the story. These assassins actually existed in history so I really liked that aspect. The clash of the Mu [...]

    9. Essa leitura foi surpreendentemente agradável e me prendeu do início ao fim. O pano de fundo é a missão de uma assassina síria cujo objetivo é matar Ricardo Coração de Leão. Em seu caminho se interpõe o capitão do exercito inglês Leão Negro, Sebastian de Montborne. Envolvido em um plano de vida e morte, Sebastian se apaixona perdidamente por Zahirah, sem saber que ela está destinada a ceifar a vida do rei. A relação entre os dois se estabelece quando a heroína finalmente consegu [...]

    10. The setting and plot are new in my reading experience, and I liked them. I liked Sebastian and the turmoils in Zahirah's past and present. The author's research into the Arabic culture and language is evident, if somewhat inaccurate; for example, she gravely distorted the religion at some points. Furthermore, there were some scenes that could not have been possible to occur at the place and time of the story, like Sebastian and Zahirah's passionate embraces in public. Also, there seems a profoun [...]

    11. Hero is a crusader on the second crusade (the one with Richard the Lionheart). Heroine - assassin for a Muslim sect. She infiltrates his house to have access to and be able to kill the Lionheart, but the unexpected happens and she falls in love, driven by his goodness to her, but still plans to carry out her mission. I love this because the heroine is super-tough, great fighter, yet feminine and not just a 'man in skirts' stereotype. And because the hero is so breathtakingly decent that he would [...]

    12. I absolutely loved this book and Sebastian was a fine, honourable hot sexy knight who fa gonlls for a muslim girl while on crusade with King Richard, but all is not what it seem's and the love story and twists and turns make a great read with you never knowing what is going to happen next. The back ground and surrounding characters take you to the far away land, and the old english language often used takes you back to old days and makes you wonder just what it could have been like to be knight [...]

    13. A sequel to White Lion's Lady, Black Lion's Bride tells the story of Griffin's brother Sebastain and the lady who will turn his world upside down. After loving While Lion's Lady, I was really looking forward to this book as I had liked Sebastian's character from the previous book. Overall, I enjoyed the story and it's characters, and thought Zariha (sp?) was a great match for Sebastian and his equal in many ways. Although I found the story hard to get into initially, I liked the plot twists in t [...]

    14. I enjoyed this book. Although it took quite a bit of time for me to get to the 'cant put it down' point. It isnt that it wasnt good from the start. Just that alot of terminology was lost on me in the beginning because of the time and place it takes place. The story was good and I think it got even better once I was about 1/3 of the way through it. There is alot of feeling in this book. Sebastian is an amazing man even without all the added warrior goodies lol. He is honorable and honest and is a [...]

    15. I have mixed reviews about this book. I wanted to like it so bad. I loved how it was set in the Holy lands and had a totally different vibe to the first book. I however hated that from the beginning of the book the heroine was made out to be this bad ass chick who was an assassin for starters and was picked for this job because she was better than the others, only to find out eith her first confrontation she's weak and can't hold her own. Very disappointing main character but still at good read. [...]

    16. Molto carino questo romance storico della Adrian. Particolare e insolita l'ambientazione durante il periodo delle crociate in Terra Santa. Protagonisti di questa storia due personaggi forti e coraggiosi di due culture e mondi completamente diversi (almeno apparentemente). Sia Zahirah che Sebastian mi sono piaciuti molto, soprattutto per la loro capacità di mettere da parte tutto per proteggersi a vicenda. L'unica pecca, il finale un po' troppo affrettato. Avrei preferito fosse maggiormente appr [...]

    17. Didn't know where this story was going and I didn't like the heroine, which usually stops me in my tracks, but I know Lara (or Tina) so I kept going and she did it again. This is the second book in the Warrior Trilogy. Zahirah, daughter of the master assassin out to murder Richard the Lion Hearted has more secrets than even she knows. Sebastian, a knight who followed Richard on the Crusades, is nearly killed by a secret assassin and during his recovery he meets the mysterious Zahirah. Definitely [...]

    18. Finally!!! I took me a long time to finish this book because of college work, buy¿t anyway. Here´s what I think about it.Lara Adrian is one of my top authors ever, I love all her books and this is not the esception. It had it´s lows, a bit of boring and common parts in that we read them frecuently in romance books, but since this is one or the first books she wrote, she´s forgiven!Sebastian and Zahira´s love story was great, the ending makes up for all the not so good parts at least.:D

    19. My low rating is not because the writing was bad or I disliked the characters' romance. I jsut don't care for the Frank/Saracen cross-culture romance. Seems like such an insurmountable issue. And then it gets surmounted, and yes, I figured out how that was gonna happen. It jsut seemed a little *obvious* somehow.

    20. 3 stelle e 1/2Libro più carino rispetto al primo della serie. Trama più interessante e l'ambientazione nel periodo storico delle Crociate l'ho trovata diversa dai soliti ignoti.Non e' la Adrian ai livelli della Midnight Breeds series, ma adoro questa scrittrice, che tra l'altro incontrata personalmente e' molto disponibile e gentile con i suoi lettori.

    21. Another book filled with love and suspense. This story set back in a time long ago lets the reader into a world so few could imagine. To see a woman like Zahirah go from assassian to devoted wife is astounding. Then for a noble knight like Sebastian turn to a man that would wear his heart on his sleeve Only Lara Adrain could write those characters.

    22. This was a really good book. I haven't read any fiction about the Crusade. This was a really unique perspective on the war between the Christians and the Muslims. It had an amazing plot, with lots of twists and turns. I was truly surprised at some of the outcomes. There were times that I literally laughed out laughed and was smiling from ear to ear. An excellent read!

    23. Sono contenta che la Adrian abbia dedicato a Sebastian una storia a sè, perchè era stato un bel personaggio alla fine del romanzo precedente. Bel libro, mi è piaciuto molto, e spero che la serie Warriors prosegua incrocio le dita!

    24. Well written, fast-paced story BUT (a big one) the heroine's character is not what I expected. Trained to be an assassin all her life and such a ninny? Come on, give me a break! Where you could have a really bad ass, all you have is a feeble woman, constantly afraid and full of doubt

    25. Zahirah is a Muslim assassin, sent to kill Richard Lionheart in the midst of the Crusades. Instead she finds Sebastian, a stalwart earl in service to his king.Interesting concept, good writing and plot. Enjoyable to read.

    26. When I want to read a guaranteed great romance, I always turn to Lara Adrian (Tina St. John). Black Lion's Bride is everything I want in a romance--a great story, interesting, well-rounded characters, believable dialogue, and plenty of spark. A++

    27. This is a classic love story with great twists that only this author can add. I love the added "what if " to the actual historic facts brought together in this book. I look forward th the 3rd book of this series.

    28. Disgustingly racist books that makes Arabs and Muslims all evil. The heroine also turns out to be white.And somehow loses her tan and accent when she marries Sebastian. Far fetched doesn't do this justice.

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